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Physical Art with Digital Assets for Social Good

Each Collection at Zagaday supports an environmental or social cause and has a physical art piece, such as a painting, a blanket, or a piece of jewelry, that has been paired with a digital asset, such as an image or video, sent via email as well as to your Web3 wallet.



Nicole Buffett is an artist whose work integrates modalities ranging from traditional painting and textile design to digital art. Nicole is driven and inspired by the healing aspects of art and the ways in which regenerative agriculture, spirituality, economies, and community all intertwine.

The Nicole Buffett Institute
for Art and Healing
Brings Us

THe Five Elements of Success

With the intention of bringing my Grandmother’s 5 principles to life, I’ve created a collection of 3D animations to encapsulate and represent each of these 5 principles. I decided to represent each of the principles as elemental diamonds, gems of mindfulness floating in their own musical and physical landscape. Grandma’s 5 principles are like these Diamonds, floating in my mind’s eye acting as magical talismans of clarity and wisdom.

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Begin your journey!


The monthly ZAGADAY digital art club subscription provides its members special access to Nicole Buffett Studios limited edition art. Members will receive a monthly limited edition members-only original digital art to add to their collection. The art will come with a special message and personal story direct from Nicole’s personal studio space.


The Spirit Diamond Collection

Connect to the source!

THE SPIRIT DIAMOND Elemental Meditation Set

The Spirit Diamond Elemental Meditation Set is a series of 3D animated digitized nature based paintings intended to evoke a deeper connection to self and others. The origin paintings of this collection were created in the spirit of pantheism, where one finds God in the universal elements of nature. Each digital 1/1 piece comes with its own signature healing soundscape composition integrating Solfeggio HZ frequency. The physical semi precious stone Mala that comes with each digital asset serves as a multi dimensional tool to enhance your meditation experience.

The Shapeshifted Collection

Wrap yourself in healing!

Collector will receive:
* One limited edition 100% Egyptian cotton blanket made in LA.
* One-of-one edition digital animation.

Your spirit blanket will be shipped priority mail to you and your digital art will be sent via email and/or to your web3 wallet.

May this collection wrap you with love and facilitate deep relaxation. Each blanket is infused with healing energy with the intention to invoke joy. Each animation is designed to shape and inspire you to shift to a higher state of consciousness.

The Spirit Coin Collection

Let Spirit be your guide!


The Spirit Oracle Deck is based on the Nicole Buffett Spirit Coin Collection.
Each unique design was created to reflect a divine design built on trust, attention, and compassion. The Spirit Coin represents the sacred geometry of belonging.
Each mark holds a singular presence while being part of a greater whole, just as each of us are a sacred part of a collective consciousness.

May the Spirit Oracle Deck bring you joyful insight and peace.

Take the next step!


This special series of 22 Spirit Coins created for NEXT LEVEL explores the essential qualities within humanity that create value and purpose.  As we enter this new cycle of change and possibility, the Spirit Coin speaks to the power of our spiritual currency. The character that we embody, cultivate and preserve is the cornerstone underpinning of our capacity to manifest and materialize our dreams into reality.  Each Spirit Coin represents an aspect of the inner self. Collecting a Spirit Coin is an affirmation to that quality within oneself. The Spirit Coin design is based on the principle of unity and collaboration.  Just as we are all one mark, one person, one energy bringing our personal experience to the greater collective divine design.


See things differently!


The Tiny Temple series explores the dynamic play of seeing the world from different perspectives.
Some of us see in defined shapes bringing precise awareness to our life experience while others feel their way through life in a fluid way like water. This series explores the dynamic dance between the rational and the intuitive, the masculine and the feminine, the mind and the heart. 
The ‘Tiny Temple’ series represents the unique soul architecture within our minds and hearts. Remembering that we are all having a shared experience looking through different lenses.
This series is an invitation to explore different ways of seeing. It is a celebration of seeing as a spectrum of change and relativity.
Hand ground pigments on embossed paper 2022.
Comes framed in lucite 
Size: 7 inches x 13 inches
Each set includes 2 hand painted visual perspectives.
The Defined Vision and The Soft Vision
The Defined Vision allows for more concrete knowledge and understanding to emerge with a focus on structure and boundaries.  The Soft Vision allows one to experience the image from a place of intuition, a feeling based way of seeing.


A portion of the proceeds of every sale goes to benefit select charities.


All items are packaged with care and shipped soon after purchase.

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